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617.923.0000 Build Dialogue. Drive Engagement. Deliver Results. SnapApp Transforms Videos From Monologue to Dialogue. Dialogues Let Marketers... Modern marketers need to engage their audiences in a conversation – listening to their pains and problems and offering personalized results. Through interactive video, marketers create a two-way conversation with their audiences that drives deeper engagement in their content experiences. By responding to contextual questions posed by the marketer, viewers receive more than just the information contained in the video content. Viewers can simultaneously assess a specific problem, diagnose a need, benchmark against their peers, or be led down a content journey based on their unique needs and pains. This type of interaction keeps the viewer engaged throughout the whole video and provides the marketer with rich data to feed profiles, nurturing, and lead scoring and drive demand generation. The best part: the marketer doesn't need to create new videos. Marketers can layer interactive content on top of existing videos hosted on Vidyard, Brightcove, Wistia, Vimeo, and YouTube. Video is more than something we can watch, leaning back in our chairs. It's also increasingly something we can interact with – leaning forward, and engaged." ANN HANDLEY | CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER, MARKETINGPROFS " Generate More Leads: Capture leads right inside your video content, contextualized with interaction data. Drive more potential leads to your video content with compelling interactive calls-to-action. Increase Conversions: Interactive video delivers more value to your prospect in the form of in- depth education, entertainment, and personalized results. This value exchange builds trust and increases conversions. Nurture Effectively: By making every video a dialogue, you're gathering information that lets you send personalized, relevant nurture content to accelerate leads through the funnel.

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