SnapApp for PDF: Best Practices


Want to get the most out of SnapApp for PDF? Find out how you can use this tool to create more engaging content for prospects and also gather more qualification data across all marketing channels.

Here are some of the insights we’ve learned from our customers who are using it most effectively.


Not all PDFs are created equal. While SnapApp for PDF can support any type of PDF from a technical perspective, certain types of content are best suited for interactive. For example, while you can certainly upload two page product overviews or case studies, the question-and-answer experience tends to be a better fit for longer-format pieces, like ebooks or white papers. This is because there is more content to based relevant questions on, and also that the experience is long enough that the questions don’t feel like a total interruption.


Be thoughtful about the types of questions you ask. While it’s important to ask sales-qualifying questions throughout your interactive PDF, it is also essential to ask questions based on the content to create a truly engaging experience for your readers. Otherwise, they may feel like they are being bombarded with irrelevant questions. A good rule of thumb is to ask two content-based questions for every one sales-qualifying question.


Place questions and the lead form where they allow engagement. You want to give readers the chance to engage with your content a bit before throwing a question at them. That’s why we recommend not including a question till at least the third page of content, and then strive for a ratio of every other page after that. For the lead form, it’s best to include it a page or two after your first question.


Include a thoughtful next action at the end. When you get to the end of your PDF, make sure to customize one of the buttons to drive to a link for your readers to take a next step. This can be going to your website, subscribing to your blog or newsletter, checking out your social media, or even requesting a demo if it makes sense.


Don’t forget to promote your content. When your interactive PDF is finally done and published, be sure to start promoting it through multiple channels. While the content itself is now highly engaging, the first step it to get someone interested enough it read it – check out our promotion checklist for ideas!